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Since its foundation in 2006, UNeECC, the University Network of the European Capitals of Culture, has brought together established scholars, starting academics and PhD-students to participate in its Annual Conference. Here they can exchange research insights on ECoC and European Culture(s) and engage in dialogue with ECoC organizers such as local authorities and artists. 

The conference is traditionally located in one of the European Capital of Culture of the year and is organized by the local UNeECC university member. 

The involvement of the University of Pannonia in the European Capital of Culture Veszprém 2023 has inspired them to host this year’s UNeECC Annual Conference. By this international academic outreach, the university adds an extra dimension to their ECoC and as such consolidates the “town and gown collaboration” which UNeECC highly esteems in its members. Hence we are grateful that the organizers from Pannonia University offer this platform to their colleagues from all over Europe to get together again and follow up on research into ECoC and culture in the life of individual European citizens and society.

Taking into consideration the university organizers’ expertise and academic interest, and the ECoC organizers’ focus, the UNeECC Board and the University of Pannonia jointly decided on the topical  theme ‘Cultur(E)scapes: Innovation in Culture and Beyond’.  

Photo: Participants of the UNeECC Annual Conference 2022 - Kaunas